Develop A Leadership Plan: Become a Great Leader


Great leaders produce great results. Achieving these results is substantially facilitated by having a leadership plan that leverages your core competencies and applies directly to taking action on the job. This action targets fulfilling value propositions for your various stakeholders including the customer, employees, boss, and cohorts. Great results come from synergizing the strength of your working team, energizing their engagement, and continuously learning from and coaching one another.


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"This a crisp and insightful book that guides the reader through practical steps to drawing their personal leadership plan." Dan 


"Sloan creates an intimate dialogue with the reader giving you the impression that it is just you and him discussing your leadership plan in an informal and relaxed setting." Zlatica Kraljevic


"What's great about this book is that it is on-the-job-training!" Solutioneer


"Excellent material for clearing up the ambiguities of leadership in todays fast paced society" Jerry Hall


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