Speaker Series

Lane's unique approach to leadership mentoring lends itself to an innovative and synergistic presentation that will shift your mindset on what it takes to become a great leader. He conducts quarterly seminars that are perfect for aspiring leaders to quickly grasp the elements of what makes a great leader and how to begin developing their personal actionable leadership plan. 

"I very much enjoyed your “Develop a Leadership Plan, become a Great Leader” presentation and book.  I’ve read many books and articles on leadership.  I’ve studied leadership in business school.  The subject matter is typically presented as a mix of philosophy, psychology and stories of great leaders of the past.   It’s a field of study that has always appeared  somewhat nebulous.  It was enlightening to see the 7-P framework you’ve developed to define leadership.  This framework will not only allow me to better inventory my current leadership capabilities, but provides a process to further develop these leadership capabilities going forward.  This framework is logical, but more importantly, actionable.  This is great work.  Congratulations and thank-you." Hayden Hill, Davidson Instruments Board Member 

February 6, 2015

Royal Sonesta, Houston, TX


As a Leadership Mentor and Author of Develop a Leadership Plan: Become a Great Leader, Lane will talk about:

  • discovering what is a great leader  that will shift your mindset.

  • how developing a value proposition will get people to follow you.

  • how to meld your outer and inner world together to deliver great results.

  • how to develop your leadership plan as the pathway to becoming a great leader.

  • the 10 key steps to developing your actionable leadership plan.


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