Terra Incognita: A Navigation Aid for Energy Leaders


Co-Authored by Christopher Ross.


Terra Incognita addresses the forthcoming transition in energy supplies and shift from conventional oil as the strategic energy source. It identifies the leadership challenges ahead and summarizes the lessons learned from interviews with more than 20 energy company CEOs and senior leaders. The structure of the book follows the planning cycle of strategic assessment (Chapters 1-4), strategy development (Chapters 5-7), and strategy implementation (Chapters 8-10) through a leadership perspective focused directly on the energy industry.


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"Anyone that genuinely desires a candid, 4D picture of the changing and challenging direction required of today's energy leaders will find it in "Terra Incognita." It is high time for leaders that have operated with consistent and steadfast integrity to be recognized for what that have accomplished." Kristina Hardwick


"Long overdue. Chris Ross and Lane Sloan have written a very complete book for current and future leaders in this important sector." Maarten


"Excellent framework structure for decision making to deal with changing energy market." Eli

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