Erik Wiik
Regional President North America, Aker Solutions

“Lane’s pragmatic approach to mentoring is all about helping you to deliver results.  His thought partnership helped me to develop a meaningful leadership development plan that focused on building a high performing management team.  Improving your own leadership skills becomes so much more urgent when you realize that every task you do as a leader can influence team results.   What’s unique with his approach is that it is “real-time” and bottom-line focused.  Nothing fancy – but very effective.”

John Wilson
President and CEO, Quantapoint Inc.

"Over the 15 years that I have known Lane, both as an executive and a board member, he has constantly added value with his knowledge, clarity of thought and the application of executable processes. He treats leadership like any other strategic plan with goals, objectives and activities leading to unquestioned and measurable success. I doubt there is an executive of any business who cannot learn from Lane’s knowledge, intelect and experience.”

Marie Guillot
CEO & Managing Partner, Transearch International Global Executive Search
Scott Haney
CEO, Interdirect USA

“I began working with Lane as a mentor soon after I launched my global Executive Search firm. His insights, direction and planning as well as his holistic approach to guiding me through my personal vision gave clarity to the overall strategy and successful growth of my business. Through his expert guidance, I have been able to successfully grow one of the strongest global practices in Transearch International, placing global leaders in the Energy industry. It is important to note that Lane considers all the aspects of a leader in his coaching – the outside plan and strategy combined with uncovering the innate strengths and vision of the individual entrepreneur as well as uncovering what is in our blind spot. Revealing what we have been unable to see is the key to truly strengthening and growing in the leadership capabilities that lead to success – that combined with having a clear company vision in line with the true vision of the leader is an absolute  formula for quantifiable business results.” 

"Lane has a unique combination of years of experience as a top executive at a global Fortune 50 company, a student and teacher of strategic leadership, and a business owner.  Lane has been extremely insightful in helping identify my unique strengths as well as the unique needs and values of those I serve as a leader.  Most important for me, he has mentored the creation of a practical and actionable plan to help me reach my goals."

Umesh Verma
President & CEO, Blue Lance

"As founder, owner and CEO, it can be lonely at the top.  A couple of years ago, I was at a point where I was tired of talking to myself in the mirror and needed clear, honest and direct advice. I had known Lane for several years and held him in great regard, so I reached out to him and he agreed to coach/mentor me. The first exercise he helped conduct at Blue Lance was around developing and articulating a set of core values. Then Lane coached us on using these core values as building blocks for leadership and employees to hold each other accountable, and a corporate culture built around excellence, integrity and a winning attitude began to emerge. In a little over a year, the attitude in the company was transformed from a “don’t rock the status quo” to a highly energized “let’s grow this business” attitude.


In addition to being my coach and mentor, Lane is a great friend and confidante who I can depend on to provide straight forward, no-nonsense advise in a respectful and supportive manner - no matter how tough the situation might be."

John Elder
CEO, Acclaim Energy Advisors

"Over the last 13 Years Lane has been an instrumental force in my personal and business development.  He understands the interrelationship between a healthy personal and business plan as the key to long term success.  His insights and practical guidance have been critical as we navigated the challenges and opportunities of an early stage enterprise. He has a very broad strategic perspective but is able to bring it down to a tactical level for a controllable implementation.  My appreciation for his insight and methodology has only grown as the years have passed, the failures and successes have all been used effectively as steps toward my goals."

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